50th Head of the Charles Regatta
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Results A Brassard, LouisMen's Youth Fours480010/19/20149:13 AMOfficialFinalFinalRadley College Boat ClubRadley College Boat Club31BowFinished17:36.393
Results Aalberg, JeffreyMen's Collegiate Eights480010/19/20142:52 PMOfficialFinalFinalTufts University CrewTufts University Crew3622Finished16:56.557
Results Aasaaren, FredrikMen's Championship Doubles480010/18/20143:34 PMOfficialFinalFinalColumbia UniversityColumbia University232StrokeFinished17:52.344
Results Abate, CourtneyWomen's Youth Eights480010/19/201412:48 PMOfficialFinalFinalFairport Crew ClubFairport Crew Club538StrokeFinished19:51.213
Results Abbot, AmyWomen's Senior Master Doubles [50+]480010/18/201411:51 AMOfficialFinalFinalNarragansett Boat ClubNarragansett Boat Club231BowFinished22:48.761
Results Abbott, ErinMen's Club Fours480010/18/20141:18 PMOfficialFinalFinalNarragansett Boat ClubNarragansett Boat Club470CoxswainFinished19:01.833
Results Abbott, JayMen's Alumni Eights480010/18/201412:38 PMOfficialFinalFinalSyracuse Alumni Rowing Association, Inc.Syracuse Alumni Rowing Association, Inc.2322Finished16:23.169
Results Abbott, KennedyWomen's Youth Fours480010/19/201411:54 AMOfficialFinalFinalBrighton Rowing ClubBrighton Rowing Club3133Finished21:12.589
Results Abbott, SamuelMen's Collegiate Eights480010/19/20142:52 PMOfficialFinalFinalUniversity Of Vermont CrewUniversity Of Vermont Crew3177Finished16:34.559
Results Abbott, SeanMen's Collegiate Fours480010/18/20144:00 PMOfficialFinalFinalCalifornia Maritime AcademyCalifornia Maritime Academy261BowFinished17:54.296
Results Abbott, TamaraWomen's Master Eights [40+]480010/18/20143:21 PMOfficialFinalFinalGenesee Rowing ClubGenesee Rowing Club1022Finished18:11.830
Results Abdi, NafisaWomen's Youth Fours480010/19/201411:54 AMOfficialFinalFinalCRI- Row BostonCRI- Row Boston804StrokeFinished23:39.145
Results Abel, LouisaWomen's Collegiate Eights480010/19/20143:08 PMOfficialFinalFinalWilliams College Boat ClubWilliams College Boat Club230CoxswainFinished18:59.309
Results Abel, TimMen's Collegiate Eights480010/19/20142:52 PMOfficialFinalFinalUniversity of Delaware Men's CrewUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew58StrokeFinished15:34.793
Results Abele, JeremyMen's Club Eights480010/18/20142:07 PMOfficialFinalFinalUniversity Barge ClubUniversity Barge Club644Finished15:09.722
Results Abell, GretchenWomen's Club Eights480010/18/20142:23 PMOfficialFinalFinalCapital Rowing ClubCapital Rowing Club110CoxswainFinished17:23.490
Results Abelson, MarkMen's Veteran Singles I And II [60+]480010/18/20148:53 AMOfficialFinalFinalRio Salado Rowing ClubRio Salado Rowing Club551ScullerFinished29:20.039
Results Abemayor, MattMen's Collegiate Eights480010/19/20142:52 PMOfficialFinalFinalVanderbilt University CrewVanderbilt University Crew381BowFinished17:13.383
Results Abernethy, NicoleWomen's Collegiate Fours480010/18/20144:14 PMOfficialFinalFinalUniversity Of GuelphUniversity Of Guelph80CoxswainFinished19:11.788
Results Abilheira, EliasMen's Youth Eights480010/19/201410:08 AMOfficialFinalFinalPrinceton National Rowing Association/MercerPrinceton National Rowing Association/Mercer78StrokeFinished15:58.573
Results Abler, MelissaMen's Club Eights480010/18/20142:07 PMOfficialFinalFinalRow New YorkRow New York420CoxswainFinished17:34.798
Results Abo, KristineMen's Senior Master Fours [50+]480010/18/201410:46 AMOfficialFinalFinalEver Green Boat ClubEver Green Boat Club40CoxswainFinished17:22.473
Results Abraham, ChristyMen's Youth Fours480010/19/20149:13 AMOfficialFinalFinalRansom CrewRansom Crew580CoxswainFinished19:28.133
Results Abrams, JoeMen's Master Doubles [40+]480010/19/20141:20 PMOfficialFinalFinalDolphin Rowing ClubDolphin Rowing Club52StrokeFinished19:19.489
Results Acampora, LewMen's Senior Master Fours [50+]480010/18/201410:46 AMOfficialFinalFinalWarren Rowing ClubWarren Rowing Club394StrokeFinished19:38.323
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