50th Head of the Charles Regatta
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50Men's Collegiate EightsFinal4800Final010/19/20142:52 PM44Final Only Official  7/26/2015 8:22:48 PM10/19/2014 3:32:31 PM
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RiversideWeldCambridge BCFinish
1Finished12Michigan Rowing AssociationA. Brown Crew
Athlete's Club 
Shanahan, DemiCoxswainMichigan Rowing Association
Brown, AlexStrokeMichigan Rowing Association
Herbers, Matthew7Michigan Rowing Association
Vear, Wes6Michigan Rowing Association
Burstein, William5Michigan Rowing Association
Ziker, Alika4Michigan Rowing Association
McGraw, Ian3Michigan Rowing Association
Tyson, Mitchell2Michigan Rowing Association
Vitas, DanBowMichigan Rowing Association
15:14.733 0.00 %3:29.6733:29.6734:57.0498:26.7224:20.40012:47.1222:27.61115:14.733
27Hobart College1 - J. Biesemeyer Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dexter, JulieCoxswainHobart College
Biesemeyer, JosephStrokeHobart College
McNamara, Robert7Hobart College
Wherry, August6Hobart College
Letorney, Austin5Hobart College
Sylvan, Matthew4Hobart College
Holtz, William3Hobart College
Muller, Davis2Hobart College
Monahan, OwenBowHobart College
15:22.7818.050.88 %3:33.3713:33.3714:59.8398:33.2104:20.84112:54.0512:28.73015:22.781
39Grand Valley State University Rowing ClubN. Biolchini Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mier, RebeccaCoxswainGrand Valley State University Rowing Club
Biolchini, NateStrokeGrand Valley State University Rowing Club
West, Spencer7Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Burris, Austin6Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Gentry, Austin5Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Blythe, David4Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Peters, Zachary3Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Hiner, Robert2Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Homeister, OwenBowGrand Valley State University Rowing Club
15:24.6599.931.09 %3:27.7543:27.7545:03.0548:30.8084:22.95512:53.7632:30.89615:24.659
43University Of Virginia Rowing AssociationG. Thomas Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sackellares, LindsayCoxswainUniversity Of Virginia Rowing Association
Thomas, GarrettStrokeUniversity Of Virginia Rowing Association
Hanley, Charlie7University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Helgeson, Scott6University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Wells, Gage5University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Cox, Perry4University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Hoch, Thacher3University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Mackey, Isaac2University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Brown, ForrestBowUniversity Of Virginia Rowing Association
15:28.80914.081.54 %3:35.2413:35.2414:59.7918:35.0324:22.53812:57.5702:31.23915:28.809
511University of Delaware Men's CrewT. Abel Crew
Athlete's Club 
Hartford, HannahCoxswainUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
Abel, TimStrokeUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
McBride, Sean7University of Delaware Men's Crew
Schilgen Jr, Rexford6University of Delaware Men's Crew
Leary, Sean5University of Delaware Men's Crew
Barlow, Stephen4University of Delaware Men's Crew
Craig, Austin3University of Delaware Men's Crew
Paradee, Emerson2University of Delaware Men's Crew
Gause, AidanBowUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
15:34.79320.062.19 %3:36.4743:36.4745:06.9848:43.4584:20.83313:04.2912:30.50215:34.793
610Wpi CrewK. Cotton Crew
Athlete's Club 
Marvasti-Sitterly, MitraCoxswainWpi Crew
Cotton, KendallStrokeWpi Crew
Foley, Matt7Wpi Crew
Singer, Dan6Wpi Crew
krupnick, Jackson5Wpi Crew
Schifilliti, Dean4Wpi Crew
Deptula, Matt3Wpi Crew
Cole, Keegan2Wpi Crew
Cebry, NickBowWpi Crew
15:39.60724.882.72 %3:36.9953:36.9955:08.2578:45.2524:23.70413:08.9562:30.65115:39.607
74Williams College Boat Club1 - A. Rondeau Crew
Athlete's Club 
Hughes, MargaretCoxswainWilliams College Boat Club
Rondeau, AndrewStrokeWilliams College Boat Club
Buchan, Graham7Williams College Boat Club
Gardner, Nicholas6Williams College Boat Club
Ruberto, Richard5Williams College Boat Club
Sheils, Charles4Williams College Boat Club
Ellison, Sam3Williams College Boat Club
Chapin, Samuel2Williams College Boat Club
McLane, ConnorBowWilliams College Boat Club
15:41.14526.422.89 %3:37.4813:37.4815:06.3918:43.8724:26.50113:10.3732:30.77215:41.145
817Boston College1 - J. Scaduto Crew
Athlete's Club 
Hanlon, EmmaCoxswainBoston College
Scaduto, JohnStrokeBoston College
Bielawski, Kevin7Boston College
Peng, Christopher Xianju6Boston College
Piekarski, Matthew5Boston College
Menard, Brock4Boston College
Rauckhorst, Eric3Boston College
Oleniczak, Benjamin2Boston College
Gregoire, ShaneBowBoston College
15:41.70326.972.95 %3:39.9363:39.9365:03.5308:43.4664:25.12813:08.5942:33.10915:41.703
924Trinity College CrewA. Loy Crew
Athlete's Club 
Carpenter, KaileyCoxswainTrinity College Crew
Loy, AlexanderStrokeTrinity College Crew
Komanecky, Mark7Trinity College Crew
Peck, Andrew6Trinity College Crew
Plass, Teddy5Trinity College Crew
Demoulas, George4Trinity College Crew
Langer, Ian3Trinity College Crew
Corban, Will2Trinity College Crew
White, ChristopherBowTrinity College Crew
15:46.85532.133.51 %3:39.7143:39.7145:06.6628:46.3764:27.05313:13.4292:33.42615:46.855
101Drexel UniversityD. Hill Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kenion, VictoriaCoxswainDrexel University
Hill, DeanStrokeDrexel University
Stanish, Xavier7Drexel University
Palombo, Dan6Drexel University
Dollin, Daniel5Drexel University
Cartwright, William4Drexel University
Mallgrave, Ryan3Drexel University
Papadourakis, Grigorios2Drexel University
McCabe, BrianBowDrexel University
15:49.40134.673.79 %3:42.4703:42.4705:06.8508:49.3204:28.33813:17.6582:31.74315:49.401
1133Georgia Tech CrewT. Gloyd Crew
Athlete's Club 
Robaina, Maria TeresaCoxswainGeorgia Tech Crew
Gloyd, ToddStrokeGeorgia Tech Crew
Teissler, Nicholas7Georgia Tech Crew
Johnston, Joshua6Georgia Tech Crew
Moon, Chase5Georgia Tech Crew
Wright, David4Georgia Tech Crew
Rahaim, Nicholas3Georgia Tech Crew
Olinde, John2Georgia Tech Crew
England, NicholasBowGeorgia Tech Crew
15:51.82937.104.06 %3:45.2693:45.2695:11.2698:56.5384:24.00913:20.5472:31.28215:51.829
1230Massachusetts Institute Of TechnologyC. Mcmahan Crew
Athlete's Club 
Feldstein, AlexCoxswainMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
McMahan, ConnorStrokeMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
Day, Trevor7Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Baumgarten, Aaron6Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Eng, Hamilton5Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Jones, Clay4Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Johns, Quinn3Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Colgan, Nathan2Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Miklasevich, MattBowMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
15:52.64937.924.15 %3:33.9903:33.9905:09.8548:43.8444:36.57513:20.4192:32.23015:52.649
136Bucknell UniversityW. Tyler Crew
Athlete's Club 
Zubkoff, SuzieCoxswainBucknell University
Tyler, WilliamStrokeBucknell University
Moore, Alexander7Bucknell University
Morris, Crawford6Bucknell University
Bogaczyk, Tyler5Bucknell University
Pinamont, William4Bucknell University
Vinnik, Drew3Bucknell University
Thompson, Ryan2Bucknell University
Burney, DouglasBowBucknell University
15:53.30338.574.22 %3:39.0463:39.0465:06.8928:45.9384:34.57913:20.5172:32.78615:53.303
148University Of California, Santa BarbaraR. Keller Crew
Athlete's Club 
Good, DemitraCoxswainUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara
Keller, RyanStrokeUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara
Linley, Sean7University Of California, Santa Barbara
Peffers, Ryan6University Of California, Santa Barbara
Raphael, Cody5University Of California, Santa Barbara
Watts, Steven4University Of California, Santa Barbara
Mercado, Max3University Of California, Santa Barbara
Dias, Ryan2University Of California, Santa Barbara
Krasnigor, DillonBowUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara
15:53.52938.804.24 %3:37.8313:37.8315:09.1918:47.0224:33.10713:20.1292:33.40015:53.529
1535U.s. Military Academy CrewC. Adams Crew
Athlete's Club 
Geiser, KyleCoxswainU.s. Military Academy Crew
Adams, CourtlandStrokeU.s. Military Academy Crew
Park, Winston7U.s. Military Academy Crew
Downum, Ross6U.s. Military Academy Crew
Robinson, Lars5U.s. Military Academy Crew
Gilbertson, Jonathan4U.s. Military Academy Crew
Townsend, Nathan3U.s. Military Academy Crew
Olsen, Jeffrey2U.s. Military Academy Crew
Milke, DruryBowU.s. Military Academy Crew
15:57.04342.314.63 %3:47.4113:47.4115:11.8598:59.2704:25.10713:24.3772:32.66615:57.043
1626Hobart College2 - N. Baca Crew
Athlete's Club 
Stuke, EricaCoxswainHobart College
Baca, NicholasStrokeHobart College
Hibbard, John7Hobart College
Green, Julien6Hobart College
Steving, Tyler5Hobart College
Bower, Dilan4Hobart College
Rooth, Jordan3Hobart College
Ash, Sam2Hobart College
Brodie, DylanBowHobart College
15:58.98544.264.84 %3:39.9053:39.9055:14.5038:54.4084:29.37713:23.7852:35.20015:58.985
1714Bates CollegeN. Flynn Crew
Athlete's Club 
Cahill, ConnorCoxswainBates College
Flynn, NicholasStrokeBates College
Boyle, Dan7Bates College
Lehrer, William6Bates College
Sparks, Daniel5Bates College
Nelson, William4Bates College
Pratt, Roderick3Bates College
Silverman, Matthew2Bates College
Divan, ErikBowBates College
15:59.29944.574.87 %3:45.3613:45.3615:09.4718:54.8324:30.03913:24.8712:34.42815:59.299
1812Marist College CrewC. Wiggins Crew
Athlete's Club 
Galimi, DylanCoxswainMarist College Crew
Wiggins, ConorStrokeMarist College Crew
Schuh, Cameron7Marist College Crew
Enright, Jacob6Marist College Crew
Coomey, Kevin5Marist College Crew
Nesfeder, Daniel4Marist College Crew
Klos, Matt3Marist College Crew
Heaton, Evan2Marist College Crew
McLaughlin, BrendanBowMarist College Crew
16:00.44945.725.00 %3:45.9673:45.9675:12.8318:58.7984:31.43513:30.2332:30.21616:00.449
1915Williams College Boat Club2 - P. Awad Crew
Athlete's Club 
Flynn, DevinCoxswainWilliams College Boat Club
Awad, PeterStrokeWilliams College Boat Club
Clark, Isaiah7Williams College Boat Club
von Hahn, Philip6Williams College Boat Club
Nanda, Alexander5Williams College Boat Club
Sangree, Carl4Williams College Boat Club
Kessler, Erik3Williams College Boat Club
Polson, Michael2Williams College Boat Club
Akita, MarshallBowWilliams College Boat Club
16:01.32346.595.09 %3:44.0533:44.0535:12.1178:56.1704:31.40413:27.5742:33.74916:01.323
205Wesleyan UniversityB. Record Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dietz, MaxCoxswainWesleyan University
Record, BenjaminStrokeWesleyan University
DiGiovanni, Matthew7Wesleyan University
Mattox, Colin6Wesleyan University
Giagtzoglou, Sam5Wesleyan University
Weinsier, Matthew4Wesleyan University
Macneille, Stephen3Wesleyan University
Brown, Thaddeus2Wesleyan University
Currie, EthanBowWesleyan University
16:06.35151.625.64 %3:39.0963:39.0965:13.1668:52.2624:32.69713:24.9592:41.39216:06.351
2139St. Joseph's UniversityV. Scelso Crew
Athlete's Club 
McGuire, CarolineCoxswainSt. Joseph's University
Scelso, VincentStrokeSt. Joseph's University
Robinson, Dave7St. Joseph's University
Perry, Keenan6St. Joseph's University
Poles, Matthew5St. Joseph's University
Wong, David4St. Joseph's University
Walz, Dan3St. Joseph's University
Leslie, Kevin2St. Joseph's University
Capraro, JoeBowSt. Joseph's University
16:08.38953.665.87 %3:43.6053:43.6055:14.0838:57.6884:34.17913:31.8672:36.52216:08.389
2218University Of Minnesota Men's CrewN. Dickovich Crew
Athlete's Club 
Pischke, BriannaCoxswainUniversity Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Dickovich, NicholasStrokeUniversity Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Smith, Jacob7University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Lorenz, Peter6University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Shirley, Christopher5University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Hergert, Jake4University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Bellows, Lucas3University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Hellerstedt, Kurt2University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Zupke, HenryBowUniversity Of Minnesota Men's Crew
16:08.52353.795.88 %3:38.9053:38.9055:13.7898:52.6944:36.64813:29.3422:39.18116:08.523
2343Rutgers UniversityW. Macomber Crew
Athlete's Club 
Nachman, RyanCoxswainRutgers University
Macomber, WilliamStrokeRutgers University
Goan, Colin7Rutgers University
Nowak, Allen6Rutgers University
Bahgat, Ahmed5Rutgers University
Hagblom, Emile4Rutgers University
Shedlovskiy, Daniel3Rutgers University
Howarth, Patrick2Rutgers University
Gutierrez, John PaulBowRutgers University
16:09.00554.285.93 %3:41.6803:41.6805:14.4708:56.1504:36.76013:32.9102:36.09516:09.005
2444Colgate University RowingJ. Manzi Crew
Athlete's Club 
Atwater, KelsieCoxswainColgate University Rowing
Manzi, JustinStrokeColgate University Rowing
Arscott, Eric7Colgate University Rowing
Kelliher, Ryan6Colgate University Rowing
Horman, Graham5Colgate University Rowing
Cady, Clarke4Colgate University Rowing
Isaacson, Andrew3Colgate University Rowing
Calvert, Alexander2Colgate University Rowing
Curasi, SalvatoreBowColgate University Rowing
16:11.69956.976.23 %3:44.8523:44.8525:17.9569:02.8084:34.27113:37.0792:34.62016:11.699
2520Boston College2 - J. Klofas Crew
Athlete's Club 
Nunziati, TracyCoxswainBoston College
Klofas, JeffreyStrokeBoston College
Muller, Nicholas7Boston College
Lucey, James6Boston College
Twohig, Edward5Boston College
O'Boyle, Thomas4Boston College
Perasso, Anthony3Boston College
McDermott, Peter2Boston College
Gatti, EvanBowBoston College
16:13.76159.036.45 %3:48.9193:48.9195:17.3059:06.2244:34.62513:40.8492:32.91216:13.761
2641Rochester Institute Of Technology CrewJ. Grosso Crew
Athlete's Club 
Gasiorowski, PiperCoxswainRochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Grosso, JosephStrokeRochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Carter, Justin7Rochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Frey, Tim6Rochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Adams, Samuel5Rochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Bannon, Dylan4Rochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Hamilton, Konstantin3Rochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Moyer, Douglas2Rochester Institute Of Technology Crew
Massari, JonathanBowRochester Institute Of Technology Crew
16:14.02359.296.48 %3:47.5713:47.5715:15.5879:03.1584:36.63713:39.7952:34.22816:14.023
2716University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew ClubR. Curtis Crew
Athlete's Club 
Reiser, KendraCoxswainUniversity Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Curtis, ReedStrokeUniversity Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Kearns, John7University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Levey, Conor6University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Cipriano, Tanner5University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Burdine, Brandon4University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Hocking, Samuel3University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Kessler, Alex2University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Boyle, JosephBowUniversity Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
16:20.1691:05.447.15 %3:49.1063:49.1065:19.2309:08.3364:38.44813:46.7842:33.38516:20.169
2813Ithaca College CrewA. Martin Crew
Athlete's Club 
Handal, KristenCoxswainIthaca College Crew
Martin, AlexStrokeIthaca College Crew
Dyson, Devin7Ithaca College Crew
Allegra, Joseph6Ithaca College Crew
Davie, Kevin5Ithaca College Crew
Enright, Charlie4Ithaca College Crew
Korinko, Jake3Ithaca College Crew
George, Branden2Ithaca College Crew
MacDonald, KeithBowIthaca College Crew
16:22.8971:08.177.45 %3:45.1143:45.1145:13.7208:58.8344:37.44013:36.2742:46.62316:22.897
2940University Of PittsburghD. Ritter Crew
Athlete's Club 
Cistrone, MonicaCoxswainUniversity Of Pittsburgh
Ritter, DavidStrokeUniversity Of Pittsburgh
Snyder, Alex7University Of Pittsburgh
Gehris, Robert6University Of Pittsburgh
Hinz, Trey5University Of Pittsburgh
Steffl, Mark4University Of Pittsburgh
Huff, Matt 123University Of Pittsburgh
Garver, Chris2University Of Pittsburgh
Civiletti, DavidBowUniversity Of Pittsburgh
16:26.5031:11.777.85 %3:48.5683:48.5685:26.4289:14.9964:32.67613:47.6722:38.83116:26.503
3023UNC Men's CrewS. Theunissen Crew
Athlete's Club 
Marcantonio, CassieCoxswainUNC Men's Crew
Theunissen, SebastienStrokeUNC Men's Crew
Fentress, Austin7UNC Men's Crew
Jones, Micah6UNC Men's Crew
Madlon, Brian5UNC Men's Crew
Mattox, Daniel4UNC Men's Crew
Nutter, Chapin3UNC Men's Crew
Ripberger, Hunter2UNC Men's Crew
Porter, FredBowUNC Men's Crew
16:28.3331:13.608.05 %3:44.9893:44.9895:21.7959:06.7844:40.87213:47.6562:40.67716:28.333
3119University Of Vermont CrewT. Kinne Crew
Athlete's Club 
Pasin, AlexandraCoxswainUniversity Of Vermont Crew
Kinne, TuckerStrokeUniversity Of Vermont Crew
Abbott, Samuel7University Of Vermont Crew
Immerman, Kevin6University Of Vermont Crew
Barnard, John5University Of Vermont Crew
Iacobucci, Matthew4University Of Vermont Crew
Biddle, James3University Of Vermont Crew
Khodaverdian, Harout2University Of Vermont Crew
Anmahian, JacobBowUniversity Of Vermont Crew
16:34.5591:19.838.73 %3:48.1253:48.1255:25.5459:13.6704:44.20513:57.8752:36.68416:34.559
3221University Of New HampshireZ. Weider Crew
Athlete's Club 
Desaulniers, DavidCoxswainUniversity Of New Hampshire
Weider, ZackaryStrokeUniversity Of New Hampshire
Caviston, Haig7University Of New Hampshire
Brown, Nathaniel6University Of New Hampshire
Reuter, Jason5University Of New Hampshire
Bruzga, Patrick4University Of New Hampshire
Guyer, Ethan3University Of New Hampshire
Amar, William2University Of New Hampshire
Klaudt-Moreau, JulienBowUniversity Of New Hampshire
16:37.4131:22.689.04 %3:54.2493:54.2495:24.5439:18.7924:40.81113:59.6032:37.81016:37.413
3329Hamilton CollegeP. Ewing Crew
Athlete's Club 
Barker, MaliCoxswainHamilton College
Ewing, PhilipStrokeHamilton College
Lippman, Jared7Hamilton College
Thomas, Harrison6Hamilton College
Morin, Landon5Hamilton College
Magnusson, Oliver4Hamilton College
Segee-Wright, George3Hamilton College
Wildman, John (Jack)2Hamilton College
Melone, AlecBowHamilton College
16:39.4231:24.699.26 %3:46.6703:46.6705:22.4969:09.1664:50.37213:59.5382:39.88516:39.423
3431University Of Rochester RowingM. Johnson Crew
Athlete's Club 
Chenoweth, BrettCoxswainUniversity Of Rochester Rowing
Johnson, MatthewStrokeUniversity Of Rochester Rowing
McCutchan, Keith7University Of Rochester Rowing
Stoessel, Mark6University Of Rochester Rowing
Freedman, Jared5University Of Rochester Rowing
Dimmock, Ethan4University Of Rochester Rowing
Mullin, David3University Of Rochester Rowing
Piester, Gavin2University Of Rochester Rowing
Crawford, AlexBowUniversity Of Rochester Rowing
16:47.1431:32.4110.10 %3:50.3183:50.3185:31.9769:22.2944:43.75414:06.0482:41.09516:47.143
3525Colby College CrewR. Stone Crew
Athlete's Club 
Xu, SylviaCoxswainColby College Crew
Stone, RogerStrokeColby College Crew
Ross, Clint7Colby College Crew
Stevens, Cole6Colby College Crew
Watson, David5Colby College Crew
Iverson, George4Colby College Crew
Holtzer, Benjamin Henry3Colby College Crew
Dougherty, Paul2Colby College Crew
Meyer, DanBowColby College Crew
16:47.3611:32.6310.13 %3:55.9293:55.9295:25.1479:21.0764:45.16714:06.2432:41.11816:47.361
3638Tufts University CrewS. Helrich Crew
Athlete's Club 
Gawlas, KatherineCoxswainTufts University Crew
Helrich, SamuelStrokeTufts University Crew
Rickard, Christopher7Tufts University Crew
Estes, Peter6Tufts University Crew
MacMillen, Andrew5Tufts University Crew
Bittles, Andrew4Tufts University Crew
Bailey, John3Tufts University Crew
Aalberg, Jeffrey2Tufts University Crew
Zhou, ZhuangchenBowTufts University Crew
16:56.5571:41.8311.13 %3:57.5563:57.5565:32.7849:30.3404:44.21714:14.5572:42.00016:56.557
3742St. Lawrence University Rowing ClubT. Galowski Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ward, LaurenCoxswainSt. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Galowski, TravisStrokeSt. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Durkin, Alec7St. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Riordan, Jack6St. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Marr, Edward5St. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Tobin, Daniel4St. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Wangchuk, Palchen3St. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Misiewicz, Casimir2St. Lawrence University Rowing Club
Hojnicki, ChesterBowSt. Lawrence University Rowing Club
16:56.9691:42.2411.18 %3:53.0133:53.0135:28.8799:21.8924:49.03814:10.9302:46.03916:56.969
3832Vanderbilt University CrewJ. Stanwyck Crew
Athlete's Club 
Allen, ChloeCoxswainVanderbilt University Crew
Stanwyck, JustinStrokeVanderbilt University Crew
Donahue, Connor7Vanderbilt University Crew
Xie, Yuan6Vanderbilt University Crew
Chick, Ben5Vanderbilt University Crew
Kress, Andrew4Vanderbilt University Crew
Levin, Michael3Vanderbilt University Crew
Loos, Mason2Vanderbilt University Crew
Abemayor, MattBowVanderbilt University Crew
17:13.3831:58.6512.97 %4:08.3294:08.3295:35.9419:44.2704:44.21614:28.4862:44.89717:13.383
3928Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing ClubK. Cao Crew
Athlete's Club 
Su, JingyuanCoxswainXi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Cao, KunStrokeXi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Qi, Yiyan7Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Luo, Xi6Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Smyth, Lawrence Alexander5Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Si, Lezhi4Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Liu, Yize3Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Bai, Bin2Xi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
Liang, RenzhiBowXi'an Jiaotong University Rowing Club
17:22.1052:07.3813.93 %4:06.7804:06.7805:40.0609:46.8404:47.38514:34.2252:47.88017:22.105
4022Williams College Boat Club3 - B. Bradshaw Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ndiaye, MariamaCoxswainWilliams College Boat Club
Bradshaw, BenjaminStrokeWilliams College Boat Club
Oung, Phillip7Williams College Boat Club
Ruttenberg, Jacob6Williams College Boat Club
Osgood, Aidyn5Williams College Boat Club
Kim, Chaewon4Williams College Boat Club
Finder, Aaron3Williams College Boat Club
Meyer, Alex2Williams College Boat Club
Romer, NicholasBowWilliams College Boat Club
17:46.7152:31.9916.62 %3:54.3573:54.3575:27.2419:21.5984:42.66914:04.2672:42.44816:46.715
4127New York Maritime College CrewQ. Mcloughlin Crew
Athlete's Club 
Hayes, JamesCoxswainNew York Maritime College Crew
McLoughlin, QuinlanStrokeNew York Maritime College Crew
murray, ethan7New York Maritime College Crew
lyon, craig6New York Maritime College Crew
burgess, jeffrey5New York Maritime College Crew
rodriguez, john4New York Maritime College Crew
stockstad, andrew3New York Maritime College Crew
gagliano, liam2New York Maritime College Crew
Dundas, ClayBowNew York Maritime College Crew
17:51.6712:36.9417.16 %4:03.5284:03.5285:55.5889:59.1165:01.54615:00.6622:51.00917:51.671
4234U.s. Merchant Marine AcademyG. Marsan Crew
Athlete's Club 
Glass, StaceeCoxswainU.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Marsan, GabrielStrokeU.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Connelly, Evan7U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Brow, Patrick6U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Bradberry, Caleb5U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Strand, Charlie4U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Wisniewski, Mark3U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Walsh, Nicolas2U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Williams, DeanBowU.s. Merchant Marine Academy
17:55.5712:40.8417.58 %4:21.7494:21.7495:43.87310:05.6224:59.39115:05.0132:50.55817:55.571
4336Marquette UniversityA. Kobiela Crew
Athlete's Club 
King, AllisonCoxswainMarquette University
kobiela, AdamStrokeMarquette University
Kuang, Cristian7Marquette University
Nelsen-Freund, Ryan6Marquette University
Schiraj, James5Marquette University
Sarich, Elliott4Marquette University
kaufmann, ricky3Marquette University
Maizy, Yousif2Marquette University
Henk, LucasBowMarquette University
18:19.0633:04.3320.15 %4:25.6204:25.6205:57.04010:22.6605:05.05815:27.7182:51.34518:19.063
4437University Of Massachusetts - LowellJ. Price Crew
Athlete's Club 
Devlin, SeanCoxswainUniversity Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Price, JackStrokeUniversity Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Gosselin, Geoffrey7University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Lyon, Scott6University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Krikorian, Daniel5University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Stolbov, Iakov4University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Dolan, Matthew3University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Buntin, Alex2University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Bernazani, AnthonyBowUniversity Of Massachusetts - Lowell
19:08.1353:53.4125.52 %4:16.6464:16.6465:55.51610:12.1625:03.96115:16.1232:52.01218:08.135

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