2016  NW Ergomania
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Entries 1Open Hour of Power2SingleMX20Rowing
Entries 2Womens Masters 2k Age 80+4SingleW0Rowing
Entries 3Womens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 80+5SingleW0Rowing
Entries 4Womens Masters 2k Age 70-796SingleW2Rowing
Entries 5Womens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 70-797SingleW1Rowing
Entries 6Womens Masters 2k Age 60-698SingleW3Rowing
Entries 7Womens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 60-699SingleW1Rowing
Entries 8Womens Masters 2k Age 50-5910SingleW7Rowing
Entries 9Womens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 50-5911SingleW1Rowing
Entries 10Womens Masters 2k Age 40-4912SingleW2Rowing
Entries 11Womens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 40-4913SingleW4Rowing
Entries 12Womens Masters 2k Age 30-3914SingleW1Rowing
Entries 13Womens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 30-3915SingleW0Rowing
Entries 14Mens Masters 2k Age 80+16SingleM0Rowing
Entries 15Mens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 80+17SingleM0Rowing
Entries 16Mens Masters 2k Age 70-7918SingleM3Rowing
Entries 17Mens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 70-7919SingleM0Rowing
Entries 18Mens Masters 2k Age 60-6920SingleM4Rowing
Entries 19Mens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 60-6921SingleM1Rowing
Entries 20Mens Masters 2k Age 50-5922SingleM8Rowing
Entries 21Mens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 50-5923SingleM2Rowing
Entries 22Mens Masters 2k Age 40-4924SingleM7Rowing
Entries 23Mens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 40-4925SingleM4Rowing
Entries 24Mens Masters 2k Age 30-3926SingleM3Rowing
Entries 25Mens Masters Ltwt 2k Age 30-3927SingleM1Rowing
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